Leading isn’t easy. You make tough decisions every day, but what will be your legacy?

Your legacy is the by-product of the historical decisions you make driven by your personal values.

Your solid legacy plants the seeds from which consistency and expectations sprout that, in turn, become the funnel for future business performance.

We believe it’s almost impossible for people to identify their legacy by themselves…

You can’t get a clear picture of yourself and the impact you want to leave without trusted colleagues or friends to act as mirrors.
On our CHOICES retreat, a three-day retreat in the lovely English countryside we will help you discover your legacy and help you build a plan to make it happen

Sarah, a serial entrepreneur and mother, used two significant life experiences to identify her purpose and recognise the legacy she wanted to leave…

The first was personal: years ago, as a divorced young mother of two, she found herself homeless and living on the street.

Her children were taken into care. She was abusing drugs. She used her wits to get back on her feet. The second was professional: during the economic crisis of 2008, she had to oversee her company’s liquidation.

She was tasked with closing the flagship operation in the UK. Despite the near hopeless financial situation, she helped every one of her employees find another job before letting them go.

Sarah explored these two key moments in her life and unpicked her true values. She shifted her purpose and legacy from, Continually and consistently develop and facilitate the growth and development of myself and others leading to great performance to with tenacity, create brilliance.

Sarah now works for, and lives for helping Governments world-wide build sustainable community projects.

We will help you discover your legacy, so you can leave your mark.

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