You can use your purpose as a plan to guide your leadership and be the exceptional leader you know you are.

Alison knows her most important role is to be a steward of the organisation’s purpose. And she must live her own.

Purpose is key to exceptional performance. Psychologists describe it as the pathway to greater well-being.

On our CHOICES retreat Alison and other execs realised their individual plans for living their purpose had to start with a statement of leadership purpose rather than some business or career goal.

It’s about taking a complete view of your professional and personal life rather than ignore the fact that you have a family or outside interests and commitments. We helped the execs use meaningful and motivational language to create a plan that speaks to them personally.

Purpose is increasingly being touted as the key to navigating the complex, volatile, ambiguous world we face today…

Alison’s purpose and plan helps her to stay true to her short- and long-term goals, inspiring courage, commitment, and focus.

On our CHOICES retreat Alison and worked with one of the other execs in a session focused on finding their purpose. They started by discussing his childhood passions.

She talked about growing up near the English Welsh boarder and delighting in discovery missions with her best friend.

Every day they would be outdoors exploring, climbing through hedgerows and digging through mud and peat searching for life. One summer day, she and his friend set out determined to find frogs. They had a school project to complete and spent the whole day going from pond to pond, turning over every stone. Just before Alison knew she had to go home, they discovered a single frog and were triumphant.

Alison is the CEO of an international ecosystem research firm. She uncovered her purpose statement – Always find the frogs! – and it is perfect for her, her business, and her life’s purpose. The qualification statement is: Never leaving any stone unturned.

We all live and work from a slightly different set of assumptions about the world, different industries, what can or can’t be done. Clarify your purpose and put it to work.

The key to engaging both the dreamers and the sceptics is to live as you. The process on our REVOLUTION programme has room for you to express your individuality but also offers step-by-step practical guidance.

You can use your purpose as a plan to guide your leadership and be the exceptional leader you know you are.

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