Executive Residential Leadership Retreats


Executives, senior professionals, business owners and speakers.

Discover your story | Lead with purpose | Have an impact

To be a strong leader, you must first be a compelling speaker.

Executive Leadership Retreat London

Whether you’re starting a new, more senior role that requires you to speak in front of larger groups or you’re considering becoming a keynote speaker, mastering the craft of public speaking is something that’s difficult to do on your own.

Our Intensive Executive Residential Leadership Retreat takes you through the essentials of preparing a talk through to the mechanics of delivery and style, with plenty of opportunities for you to practice and get feedback from the coaches and peers.

The retreat includes intensive 1-2-1 coaching with industry specialists as well as peer group sessions.

Why Truth.Works?

We are the sum of our accumulated life experience.

As people and leaders, how we’ve responded to our ups and downs, is what’s got us to where we are right now.

The truth about our hopes and challenges, our choices and our fears are what define us as leaders.

During this retreat:

  • You’ll be guided through the process of examining your story and reflecting on the lessons it has taught you.
  • You’ll learn how to share your story appropriately and meaningfully, to lead with purpose and have an impact.
  • You’ll find the answers to your “what’s next for me” questions and build a plan to live as the leader you aspire to be.

For many of our past clients, the process has resulted in rapid, life-changing personal growth.

What you’ll leave with

By the end of this retreat you will have:


  • Sufficient material for at least two keynote talks.
  • The skills to prepare a keynote in less than 20 minutes.
  • An understanding of how to deliver a keynote using your personal story.
  • The ability to use storytelling in everyday life to improve your impact and effectiveness as a leader and speaker.
  • A better understanding of the power of self-awareness and how to use it in life, leadership and public speaking.
  • A proven plan for living, leading and speaking with purpose, improving your ability to influence and motivate an audience or team.
Executive Leadership Retreat London
Executive Leadership Retreat London

Truth.Works. Intensive Executive Residential Retreats

A retreat provides a unique opportunity to step away from day-to-day pressures and focus on the task at hand.


  • Our retreats are limited to six participants and are ideally suited to executives, senior professionals, business owners and speakers.
  • The all-inclusive Intensive Residential Leadership Retreat is held over three days and three nights in an exclusive country manor-house in England, facilitated by two experienced leaders and speaker coaches.
  • The format is based on a proven model and 20 years’ experience of leadership development.
  • Includes 1-2-1 coaching and peer-group sessions.
  • Action planning sessions to formulate a personal 1-3-5 plan to live and lead with purpose.



Places on our retreats are offered by personal invitation to ensure a good fit for all participants.

To express your interest, email Deon or Emma and arrange a chat.

Confirmed dates

• 26th – 29th Oct 2020
• 23rd – 26th November 2020
• 22th – 25th February 2021



£7,975.00 plus VAT


  • all meals, refreshments and accommodation
  • 4 hours personalised 1-2-1 coaching post-event

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