I recently tweeted a link to an article about Obama’s public speaking techniques and 5 Public Speaking Tips for Entrepreneurs, both covering what makes a good public speaker.

I believe both these articles have useful bits to them.  I won’t repeat what the articles had to say, for you can read them yourself.  But I want to draw your attention to some fundamentals:

  1. Your content is important, but you (and your story) are as important. Nothing holds more water than your story
  2. Balancing you story with relevant content makes people connect with you
  3. Being the real you, not some version of self you think they want to see

Balancing these three crucial element is good public speaking.  But you’re already a great public speaker, so you know this.

Yes you are!

Think about the last time you told someone a story, a joke or relayed some anecdote.  What made it work?  I would suggest what you did was cover off the three elements above. So…

  • You were comfortable with the subject matter.  Able to emphasise certain bits or repeat particular relevant phrases. 
  • And you knew your content.  You’d practised, practised, practised.
  • You were clear who you were talking to so delivered it appropriately for them – your audience.
  • You chose your the moment to tell the story, joke or anecdote.  You knew your space.
  • You coloured the delivery.  I bet you didn’t talk with a monotonous voice and your head down.  You used your voice and body language to good effect.

In essence you were, in that moment, an excellent public speaker.  You have all the techniques at your disposal, inherent within you.

But that’s not in front of a large audience?

No it’s not, but the skills and techniques are exactly the same.  Overthinking and low self-esteem makes us less able to rely on our inherent ability to tell stories, jokes and anecdotes in a public speaking environment.

How do I change the way I think about presenting?

It’s not going to take you long, you already have the skills.

May I suggest your explore how to master you public speaking skills and ENROL NOW for our 6-Week Online Public Speaking Course.