STAY’ing the course and succeeding is about building an ability to preserver. Using awareness and tenacity we can celebrate our “yahoo” moments with some simple steps to success.

What was the most recent thing you did, completely?

Have you done something today where you saw “the thing” through to the end? Maybe it was a new business idea, a website improvement task, perhaps one of your “to-do list” items, a DIY project or a hobby.

STAY’ing the course is critical for success. Sticking to it (whatever it is) is the difference between success and failure, win or lose, happiness or regret. When it comes to business STAY’ing with “it” is at the core of success.

How do we STAY in business?

A million dollar (or pound) question. Those of us getting through this tough time have made a variety of choices all of which, to a greater or lesser extent, have helped us STAY in business and succeed (even though it may not seem so).

Here are my suggestions for STAY’ing successful in business, from my recent online talk.


I believe we will get through this health, business and life crisis if we persevere. This is defined by sticking with our decisions (good or bad). Knowing which ones to focus on. I think those of us striving for success in business have an ability to get up in the morning, and know each day brings new opportunities.

I remember where this determination came from. It was whe I was about 7 years old. Swimming training in Africa happened all year round. I’m talking about the 1970s so there were no heated pools. Little Deon would ask his swimming coach to allow him to get out of the pool when it was cold. Little Deon would beg. He was never allowed. I had to STAY in the pool.

Fast forward 42 years and I realise now that Mr Palmer (my swimming coach) taught me a sense of seeing things through to the end. He taught me about working hard at something, for success. Mr Palmer taught me how to build inner determination; a sense of perseverance. He helped me nurture an inherent ability to do something worthwhile for myself.

Tenacity and Awareness…

Stickability means nothing all on its own. The dictionary meaning of the word tenacity is, amongst other things, “a firmness of purpose”. And awareness means the “ability to perceive”. These two ingredients are crucial for business success. They ensure your stickability is grounded in a conscious-consciousness, and they are a measure of your stickability. They ensure your stickability is NOT blind optimism.

I believe these core elements of success are inherent within us. Or at least latent, and if “a Mr or Mrs Palmer” comes along (good a mentor/coach) these elements will grow abundantly.

I remember my son William when he was 7 months old. Naturally he is the best thing that ever happened to me. When William was learning to grab hold of toys, he would reach for the toy over and over again.

William had a firmness of purpose. He was determined to grab the toy, to get hold of it. Coupled with this was his awareness (my interpretation) of his limitations, and the resources available to him. As he would, in some instances, realise he wasn’t able to grab the toy. He would turn to someone around him (me) and look up. Without saying a word (of course he is 7 month old), I knew he wanted me to pick up the toy and give it to him.

I suggest to you our own sense of purpose and consciousness is built within us, from our beginning. Tap into this, and you will be amazed at your success.


Then there are our yahoo moments. At the same time William is grabbing for the toy I see within him an unbridled joy. He possesses an infectious happiness with “the grabbing” process, as well as his yahoo moment; when he has the toy in his hand.

Success in business is enjoying the process as well as reaping the reward. The process can be the end in and of itself.

I suggest to you business success (and let’s face it success in life) is having the ability to stick at it, with a tenacious firmness of purpose coupled with an awareness of your resources and your yahoo moments.

Here are 3 simple steps to achieve this…

  1. Set an intent for every interaction, conversation or meeting. To do this, ask yourself: how do I want to show up here?
  2. Notice. Become more aware of what is happening around you, and what you are experiencing. To do this, find moments to pause, breathe and observe.
  3. Feed-Forward on yourself. Use these 3 questions to evaluate your effectiveness. What did I do well, and should do more of? The, what could I do next time to improve? What am I grateful for in myself?

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