I have always wanted to do drag, but I thought I was not good enough even though, when I have lived intentionally in the now, I haven’t worried about the future.

We’ve all experienced present-moment-ness

Present-moment-ness is the intention to be now. Growing up, I used to say, I can’t wait till I’m eighteen, or some other age I thought had some significance. I think it was mainly due to me wanting to be accountable for my own decisions.

Dad used to say, “Enjoy your school years, Deon. Never wish them away.” It was his way of saying live now. Be present. You’ll be amazed at the remarkable things you can achievewhen you are intentionally present.

I remember a time at school when I truly lived for the now. In the moment. Dressing up in suspenders and a bra at school and performing the song, I’m a Lumberjack at a prefects’ assembly. Google it. It’s a thing. How or where I found it, God alone knows.

The reluctant performer…

So prefects’ assembly in Boksburg High School in the mid 1980s was run by the prefects. Obvs. They took place on a Thursday morning. So I found myself on stage, prancing around in front of 1,600 pupils miming to this ridiculous song. I loved the stage, and I loved performing, but there was always a reluctance to perform – was I not good enough? But when I did, I just completely went for it. I was in flow. That’s been the story of my life.

When have you done something fully?

Last week I went to a very dear friends 40th birthday bash. The Great Gatsby themed party was a hoot. I dressed in drag. For the first time in 30 years I embraced my inner Gina String – my drag name I just made up. I had a clear intention to be her.

Oh what a laugh! Although I must say looked a little like Mrs Hannigan from the original movie Annie. You know the Carol Burnett character. Sad, but true.

My point is when we have a clear intention to be, we end up in what I call flow. I know it sounds a little wanky. But think about it.

The dictionary defines intent as intention or purpose

The adjective is defined as determined to do (something). A synonym for intent is attitude. And I define attitude as a settled way of thinking and feeling. I see intent meaning on purpose, planned, conceived. It’s not accidental. It’s not I’ll just see. No, it’s more like I will.

Dr Wayne Dryer says, Our intention creates our reality.” By being purposeful about what we create and accomplish, we create our very reality. The intentions we set today influence the life we live tomorrow. The intent you set for your board meeting (when preparing) impacts the meeting you have.

Think about intent, from a biological perspective

Every time we have an intention to walk or lift our arms, our intention incites millions of chemical reactions and electrical impulses that obey the laws of nature. Inherent in your desire is the mechanics for its fulfilment. These mechanics apply intent far beyond the physical body. Intent is a clarity of mind: how we think affects how feel and what we do.

I was watching my seven-year-old son playing the other day

William was playing dress-up. He was a pirate. He asked me to join in. I instantly suggested we need a ship, some maps, and pirate clothes. And we needed to know who was who in our little pecking order. William turned and said, Dad, just play.

I was over complicating things. Packing in too much. I think we do this with leadership, with life. We pack in too much.

In the case of Dad and William playing pirates, the requirement was to have the intention to play. He wanted to trust me to just play with him. I wasn’t playing intentionally. I was playing as I thought I needed to play.

My excuse: I’m an adult, and I sometimes forget the best bit in this life is to be fully intentional. A child has this natural ability to be purposeful. To live present-momently. It’s the only way they know how to be.

Think of intent from a business perspective

You have a clear vision and mission (purpose/intent/aim/goal), and this is why you are in business. It drives everything you and your team do and incites people in the business to behave in certain ways. This affects the way in which you do business, the way you and the team talk to clients, the way you engage with your market place. The mechanics of the business is driven by the intent of the business.

A lot of the time we walk around without intention, on autopilot. I lived auto-pilot for years maybe playing out the ‘Not Good Enough’. Sometimes we run our businesses like this, burying our heads in the sand. We haven’t formally articulated (to ourselves) what we desire to conceive for our talk, one-to-one meeting, or sales presentation, day, our week, or even our life. You know the saying, fail to plan and plan to fail.

What’s your intention for you?