Intent for Leadership is clearly show in a case study by Sam Smith, global vice president of life sciences & healthcare, Kelly Services

I’ve worked with Emma and Deon at Truth.Works for some time now. Working with Truth.Works and reading Deon’s material has helped me tap into the personal journey that he has undertaken, and from this I’ve taken away some valuable lessons in acceptance and moving forward (using intent and purpose for leadership).

Deon has a clear message for leaders…

It’s important to dust yourself down and get back up, which can often seem like the impossible, but his approach to leadership is so real and authentic that you feel like you can achieve it.

I’ve worked with Truth.Works for a while now and have experienced their retreat, which was a great way to gain the perspective I needed to reflect on my own experiences and how I can do better as a leader by embracing my purpose and intent.

I’ve even written a paragraph in Deon’s debut book, ‘My Game’. 

I’m not one for business books normally…

But ‘My Game’ is much more than that. It is a natural continuation of my work with Truth.Works. I soon discovered that it’s unlike any other business book I’ve read before.

Through Deon’s unorthodox and personal advice-giving, in the weeks after finishing ‘My Game’, I found myself able to centre myself in my own environment – despite being thrown off centre a bit while I was reading it!

Deon’s experiences always resonate with me…

They help me along my own journey too. They will resonate whether you’ve experienced similar things on your own journey or not!

Deon does a brilliant job of shining a light on experiences that anyone can relate to. He does this in his book and through his workshops. He always manages to take me by surprise.

Having said that, I wasn’t surprised at how raw, personal and relatable Deon’s advice and insights were in ‘My Game’. He communicates in this way on a day-to-day basis. It was really inspiring to see it all laid bare for all to see. I’m putting his advice into practice all the time. I love how it is so closely intertwined with my wider work with Emma and Deon.  

He shares his personal and professional journey in really interesting ways. I am a leader of a global team responsible for billions of pounds of spend. It’s great to have the opportunity to experience the leadership journey from another perspective.