We will help you have the impact you want.

You know strategy is one part of a whole range of business success factors.

Recently, we helped David recognise his conscious choices. David is a successful senior exec based in the US and runs a multi-million-dollar IT systems firm.

He is in his late forties, extremely fit and healthy, and never does anything by halves. A year before we met, he ran Marathon Des Sables, which is five marathons in five days in the Sahara Desert.

David wanted more from himself…

On our CHOICES retreat we help execs like David find the answers to what more can I do? Our work together had nothing to do with self-confidence. David oozes confidence out of every fibre of his being. People love David.

On our all-inclusive, three-day CHOICES retreat in the lovely English countryside, David stopped acting and started performing. He began to fulfil a role. He came to realise a personified version of self he hadn’t envisaged. Ever.

What happened next? David became emotion-filled…

When David was presenting in front of the other execs on our CHOICES retreat, we asked him to focus his attention on his breathing and allow his feelings to appear. To be vulnerable.

He noticed he become more conscious of his feelings and was able let them go and chose feelings that served him. The audience was blown away by his performance. David let go of what’s next thinking and began to feel with detachment. He instantly built real trust.

David let go of his obsession for star power. His simple focused on mindfully breathing, which erased his compulsive and addictive patterns of talking at breakneck speed, of rushing forward to the next thought, this allowed what he had said to have impact.

We continue to help David master this mindfulness…

David recognises the impact he has with the people he comes into contact with. Recently he has been speaking at a Global Tech Summit where he was the key note speaker. He has changed the way people see him, by recognising who he is and what he stands for when speaking.

Leadership is becoming more and more challenging – geographic dispersion, conflicting business priorities, time is a finite resource.
To have the right impact you need people to see you in action. They need to understand your personality, so they can feel closer to the organisation.

We will help you have the impact you want.

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