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2506, 2018

I’ve Always Wanted to Do Drag, but I Never Thought I was Good Enough

When I have lived intentionally in the now, I haven’t worried about the future. We’ve all experienced present-moment-ness. Present-moment-ness is the intention to be now. Growing up, I used to say, I can’t wait till I’m eighteen, or some other age I thought had [...]

1611, 2017

Mind the real communication gap!

Successful leaders know where the gap is in effective communication. A gap between the real data and your interpretation of that information. Communication is much like consciousness… Communication and consciousness are the result of combining data so that it is [...]

1611, 2017

Just trust me…

“Truth and trust…there is only one letter difference. Because one leads to the other.” – Mahatma Ghandi Want to be the one people remember? Want even more success as leader? Want others to trust you? Want to build trust throughout the [...]

1611, 2017

Keeping a diary makes you happier…

Oh well. That’s it then! That’s why I’m not happy. I've never kept a diary. Well until recently anyway. I have been in the throes of writing a book. Since January 2017. Looking back over last week and the clients [...]

1611, 2017

Being needy is truthful leadership!

I laugh to myself whenever I hear myself say, “I don’t like needy people.” As social animals, we all have needs. The reason we are needy is because social needs fuel our drive to connect with others and succeed. [...]

1611, 2017

Do you hope for a purposeful life?

"Cause I gotta have faith I gotta faith Because I gotta to have faith faith I gotta to have faith, faith, faith..." so sang the wondrously talented George Micheal in the hit tune Faith. But this year I have really struggled [...]

1611, 2017

Take a chill-pill mate…and feel…

“Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they'll become... habits. Watch your habits for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny.” A couple of weeks ago I was [...]

1810, 2017

I always want to know if I am doing things right…

I have always wanted to do a good job, do things right, and to know that others approve. I check-in with myself regularly - and with others too. Although valuing others’ opinions over your own can be a little [...]

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