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Do you dream of feeling more fulfilled than you do right now? Of leaving a legacy as a leader or business owner, that you can be proud of?

That means something different to everyone, which is why an individual executive coaching programme can provide a flexible, safe space for you to explore the question of your purpose and get honest, constructive feedback on what that could look like for you as a leader.

The accountability of a tailored executive coaching programme rather than personal reflection alone will result in steady, gradual change that won’t get lost in the next crises or deadline in your life or work.

Why Truth.Works?

We are the sum of our accumulated life experience.

As people and leaders, how we’ve responded to our ups and downs, is what’s got us to where we are right now.

The truth about our hopes and challenges, our choices and our fears are what define us as leaders.

During this programme

  • You’ll be guided through the process of examining your story and reflecting on the lessons it has taught you.
  • You’ll learn how to share your story appropriately and meaningfully, to lead with purpose and have an impact.
  • You’ll find the answers to your “what’s next for me” questions and build a plan to live as the leader you aspire to be.

For many of our past clients, the process has resulted in rapid, life-changing personal growth.

Plan to succeed

By the end of this programme you will have:


  • Identified your life’s purpose and built a plan to live it, creating more meaning in your life
  • Mastered tools that will enable you to influence and motivate others, leading more mindfully
  • Understood how to use storytelling in everyday life to improve your unique style of leadership
  • A greater focus on and understanding of the things that matter to you
  • Discovered tools for better decision making in life and in business
  • Gained a better understanding of the power of self-awareness and how to use it in life and leadership
  • Improved your ability to manage change
  • Let go of the struggle with your head-chatter

Truth.Works 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching Programme

A 1-2-1 coaching programme provides the ultimate in flexibility and accountability, for executives who need support to discover the relevance of their story and draw on it to lead with purpose.


  • The programme includes 4 – 8 hours of 1-2-1 coaching, accessed virtually and delivered over 10 weeks.
  • The programme is based on a proven model and 20 years’ experience in leadership development.
  • Action planning sessions to formulate a 1-3-5 plan to live and lead with purpose.
  • Personal support from an experienced leadership development and executive coach, with a proven track record and a great many satisfied clients.


Places on this programme are offered by personal invitation to ensure a good fit.

To express your interest, email Deon or Emma and arrange a chat.


£2,587.00 – £5,175.00 plus VAT

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